Little Skewer Bar

Little Skewer Bar is a unique restaurant in Oak Bay, Victoria that cultivates a casual dining experience by providing customers with our signature street style BBQ and conventional Chinese cuisine..

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About Us

A few words about us

Little Skewer Bar

Little Skewer Bar is a unique restaurant in Oak Bay, Victoria that cultivates a casual dining experience by providing customers with our signature street style BBQ and conventional Chinese cuisine.

Our restaurant serves premium and authentic Northeastern Chinese food with Uyghur and Sichuan influences and essence, bringing the most out of traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. Always searching for the best-tasting components and improving our products, we commit to innovating new and exciting dishes to satisfy our customers’ taste buds! The unique way of traditional food being made with a modern twist is what makes Little Skewer Bar spectacularly one of a kind from its peers.

Little Skewer Bar is consistently dedicated to infusing every meal with great flavour & the highest quality ingredients! Enjoy the best Chinese BBQ skewer and our spicy pot in Victoria!

Comments from our customers

“This restaurant is absolutely authentic Asian BBQ, nothing fake about it! The food comes in large sharable portions with exotic flavours and meats that make you look twice. A fun atmosphere, game shows on the wall, and a cliental base that suggests the authenticity of the food. This is what it is like to eat real Asian food – not the stuff we have created for our Western palate. Affordable too; a funky gem in Oak-Bay. Go with an open mind, and have fun!”

“This is my favourite restaurant, very suitable to come with friends. Their BBQ skewer are amazing and naan with lamb soup. My biggest favourite is the big plate chicken, It’s so good to go with rice. Love the service, very worth to try it out if you haven’t!!”

“Can’t fault this restaurant. Top quality authentic Chinese cuisine and a good variety of dishes.”

“The food is fantastically flavourful. Absolutely do try one of the group hot pots. Am definitely looking forward to coming back and trying more of the dishes. The skewered grilled squid tentacles were delicious”

This is some of the best food in Victoria. I don’t know what else to say, it’s excellent

COVID-19 Update

We are now open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM:

  • For dine-in with a limited number for tables (party size is limited to 6 people maximum.)
  • For pick up orders only through a phone call to 250-383-0680
  • For delivery only through “TUTTI ” delivery app

We are taking everyone’s health and safety very seriously and have developed a safety plan:

  • We have all workers’ health and safety checked on a daily basis.
  • Hand sanitizers are provided with easy reach of self-service stations throughout the restaurant.
  • All servers are wearing masks at all times.
  • We removed all items from the tables, provide single-use options, properly sanitize tables and chairs, and laminated menus between guests.
  • A plexiglass barrier at the payment area is installed.
  • We do frequent cleaning of card readers.
  • We created separated take-out and dine-in protocols, if there is a waiting line, we ask that you wait outside and maintain social distancing.
  • We enhance cleaning of all frequent touchpoints including walls, doors and etc.
  • We clean bathrooms thoroughly and on a more frequent basis.
  • 烤羊肉筋大串
    $ 7.99
    Lamb x2

  • 秘制蒜香鸡膝大串
    $ 8.99
    Garlic Chicken Knees x5

  • 烤鸡胗
    $ 5.99
    Chicken Gizzards x5

  • 烤鸡心
    $ 5.99
    Chicken Heart x5

  • 烤黄喉
    $ 8.99
    Beef Core Barrel x5

  • 锡纸鱿鱼须
    $ 12.99
    Squid  Tentacles Baked in Foil

  • 整烤鱿鱼须
    $ 11.99
    Grilled Squid Tentacles

  • 秘制鸡翅
    $ 3.99
    Chicken Wing

  • 烤鸡肉大串
    $ 6.99
    Chicken Thigh x2

  • 烤烟熏肠
    $ 4.99
    Smoked Sausage

  • 烤虾
    $ 7.99
    Shrimps x2

  • 烤羊腰子
    $ 6.99
    Sheep Kidney

  • 烤鱼豆腐
    $ 5.99
    Fish Tofu x2

  • 烤鸡架
    $ 10.99
    Chicken Bones

  • 烤馕
    $ 3.99
    Grilled Nann

  • 蜂蜜面包片
    $ 1.99
    BBQ Honey Toast

  • 胡同整茄子
    $ 11.99
    Grilled Whole Round Eggplant

  • 锡纸金针菇
    $ 4.99
    Enoki  Mushroom  Baked in Foil

  • 一口豆腐
    $ 7.99
    Fried Tofu Baked in Foil

  • 五香毛豆
    $ 5.59
    Spiced  Edamame

  • 日式煎饺
    $ 5.99
    Pan Fried Gyoza(6P)

  • 五香豆腐丝
    $ 6.99
    Spiced Dried Soybean Sheet Shreds

  • 拍黄瓜
    $ 6.99
    Mixed Cucumber

  • 新疆皮辣红
    $ 8.99
    Xinjiang Salad

  • 酱牛腱
    $ 12.99
    Spiced Beef Tendons

  • 香辣牛腱
    $ 13.99
    Spicy Beef Tendons

  • 香辣金钱肚
    $ 12.99
    Spicy Beef Tripes

  • 胡同炒饭
    $ 13.99
    Fried Rice

  • 麻婆豆腐饭
    $ 14.99
    Szechuan Mapo Tofu

  • 番茄炒蛋饭
    $ 14.99
    Classic Stir-fried Egg and Tomato

  • 青椒肉丝饭
    $ 14.99
    Shredded Chicken with Green Pepper

  • 孜然鱿鱼须饭
    $ 15.99
    Cumin Fried Squid Tentacles

  • 香爆孜然鸡膝饭
    $ 14.99
    Cumin Chicken Knees

  • 胡同鱿鱼盖饭 (辣/不辣)
    $ 14.99
    Foil Squid with Rice (Spicy/ Non Spicy)

  • 秘制大盘鸡
    $ 34.99
    Da Pan Ji –Big Plate Chicken

  • 白米饭
    $ 2.5

  • 招牌炒面
    $ 14.99
    House Special Fried Noodles (Chow Mein)

  • 滋补羊汤
    $ 11.99
    Lamb Soup with a Naan or Rice 送白馕或米饭1个

  • 滋补羊骨汤面
    $ 11.99
    Lamb Soup Noodles

  • 加面/大盘鸡宽面
    $ 3.99
    Add Extra Noodle – Half Size

  • 炸酱面
    $ 11.99
    Noodles with Soybean Paste

  • 麻酱凉面
    $ 11.99
    Spicy Cold Noodle with Sesame Sauce

  • 鸡肉双肠卷
    $ 7.99
    Chicken Sausage Roll

  • 鸡汤酸辣粉
    $ 9.99
    Hot and Sour Rice Noodles

  • 鸡肉香菇饺子
    $ 9.99
    10P Chicken Dumplings

  • 金汤肥牛煲
    $ 34.99
    Hot and Sour Fatty Beef  Soup

  • 朝鲜冷面(荞麦面)
    $ 14.99
    North Korean Cold Noodle (Buckwheat)

  • 油泼面
    $ 12.99
    Enter your description here

  锅底     $ 8.99      Special ingredients     $ 8.99

自选6种以上 (minimum order :6 items)

 6 – 8种 送2碗米饭;   9种以上送4碗米饭(外卖除外)

6 – 8 items:  2 Complimentary Rice;

9 items and more:  4 Complimentary Rice

(Take out excluded)

荤菜 Meat $ 7.99/each

    肥牛 Fatty Beef

荤菜 Meat  $ 6.99/each

 海虾Shrimps     黄喉 Beef Core Barrel     金钱肚 Beef Tripe     鸡翅中 Chicken Wings     鱿鱼须 Squid Tentacles     鱿鱼头 Squid  Head     午餐肉 Spam     百叶 Beef Stomach     鸡胗 Chicken gizzard     龙虾丸 Shrimp Ball     烟熏肠 Sausage     蟹足棒 Crab Meat     炸面筋     一口肠 Mini Sausage     鱼豆腐 Fish Tofu      牛肉丸Beef Ball

  素菜   Vegetables  $ 5.99/each

西兰花 Broccoli     豆皮 Dried Soybean Sheet   年糕 Rice Cake     木耳 Black Fungus     香菇 Shiitake     大白菜  Chinese Cabbage     宽粉  Wide Vermicelli     魔芋丝 Konnyaku     腐竹 Dried bean curd     金针菇 Enoki      海带 Kelp     炸鲜豆腐 Fried Tofu     土豆 Potatoes

2人套餐 2 Person Combos:

  • Meat lovers Combo A: $ 53.99

海虾Shrimps      烟熏肠Sausage   虾丸Shrimp Ball   鸡翅Chicken Wings   鱿鱼须Squid Tentacles

  • Combo B: $ 48.99

鸡翅Chicken Wings   烟熏肠Smoked Sausage   西兰花Broccoli   大白菜Napa Cabbage   海虾Shrimp

  • Combo C: $ 48.99

虾丸Shrimp Ball     烟熏肠Smoked Sausage   西兰花Broccoli   大白菜Napa Cabbage   鱿鱼须Squid Tentacles

  • Combo D: $ 46.99

烟熏肠Smoked Sausage   鱼豆腐Fish Tofu      西兰花Broccoli   土豆 Potato   大白菜Napa Cabbage

  • Vegan Combo E: $ 44.99

西兰花Broccoli   香菇Shiitake  大白菜 Napa Cabbage  炸鲜豆腐Fried Tofu    土豆Potato

  • Vegan Combo F: $ 44.99

香菇Shiitake   大白菜Napa Cabbage   西兰花Broccoli    豆皮Dried Soybean Sheet   海带 Kelp

All the combos above offer complimentary 2 pops and 2 rice and 1 side.


4 Person Combos:

  • Combo G:  $ 79.99

海虾Shrimps      鸡翅Chicken Wings       午餐肉Spam   烟熏肠Smoked Sausage

鱼豆腐Fish Tofu   西兰花Broccoli    香菇Shiitake        大白菜Napa Cabbage   土豆Potato

  • Combo H: $ 78.99

鱿鱼须Squid Tentacles   虾丸Shrimp Ball    烟熏肠Sausage   西兰花 Broccoli        豆皮Dried Soybean Sheet  大白菜Napa Cabbage    宽粉Wide Vermicelli  炸鲜豆腐Fried Tofu   鸡翅Chicken Wings

  • Vegan Combo V: $ 75.99

香菇Shiitake   大白菜Napa Cabbage  西兰花 Broccoli   豆皮 Dried Soybean Sheet   海带 Kelp

炸鲜豆腐 Fried Tofu   木耳Black Fungus     宽粉 Wild Vermicelli   土豆Potato

All the combos above offer complimentary 4 pops and 4 rice and 2 side.


  • 啤酒
    Beer in Bottle

  • 青岛
    $ 4.99

  • Kokanee
    $ 4.99

  • Blue Buck Ale
    $ 5.99

  • Sapporo
    $ 5.99

  • 饮料

  • 加多宝
    $ 4
    Canned Herbal Drink

  • 小茗同学
    $ 4.5

  • 姜汽水
    $ 2.5

  • 椰汁
    $ 3
    Canned Coconut Milk

  • 冰糖雪梨/水晶葡萄
    $ 3
    Pear/Grape Drinks

  • 蜂蜜柚子生姜热饮
    $ 4
    Honey Citron and Ginger Hot Tea Drink

  • 酸梅汤信源斋
    $ 4.5
    Bottled Plum Juice

  • 可乐/无糖可乐/雪碧
    $ 2.5

  • 冰红茶
    $ 3
    Ice Tea Drink

  • 北冰洋
    $ 4

  • 柠檬茶
    $ 3
    Snapple Lemon Tea

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